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Show your support of the Orange shirt movement on September 30th wear orange shirts to recognize the harm done to generations of children by the residential schools.

Show your support year round in this custom Orange Hoody 

Here at Diamond Phoenix Creations  we aim to support the survival of Algonquin language is an integral part of prolonging the heritage and culture of our ancestors. A portion of the proceeds will be directed to projects that promote the survival of language and cultural with in Kitigan Zibi. 

*Please allow a 2-4 week waiting period due to high demand

© 2020 Diamond Phoenix Creations All Rights Reserved

-Design created by Diamond Phoenix Creations - a 100% owned and operated company in the community of Kitigan Zibi. All of the profits from this design go to community based programs that promote language & Culture and healing. 819-306-0665

-Design créé par Diamond Phoenix Creations - une entreprise détenue et exploitée à 100% dans la communauté de Kitigan Zibi. Un % des bénéfices provenant de cette conception va à des programmes communautaires qui font la promotion de la langue et de la culture et de la guérison. 819-306-066