Diamond Phoenix Creations is a design, personalization, and promotions company. We work with you to bring your designs to life as wearable art or statements for your business, brand, or self.

  • 100% First Nations owned and operated.
  • Proudly located in the heart of Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg First Nation.
  • We are 100% committed to empowering Algonquin community through employment.
  • We do silkscreening, embroidery, sublimation, large format printing signs and banners. 

We believe that in order to strengthen community we need to support each other. We co-design with you, offer our professional opinion, guidance, and supports.

By supporting on reserve business you are contributing to job creation and sustainability.

While DPC started out as a crafting hobby to relieve stress and provide mental wellness, it grew to a full-fledged entrepreneurial endeavour that supports First Nations community members through employment, on the job professional development, as well as through creative outlets. In 2019 we expanded into a new building with over 2700 square feet, 4 full time employees, and 5 part time students.

We integrate Algonquin ways of knowing, culture, and language into many aspects of our work, as a way to contribute to the revitalization and preservation of Anishinabeg culture. We also give back to our community beyond employment, we contribute through philanthropy and volunteerism.

About the Owner
Hi! I am Pamela Meness, proud Algonquin mother of two children. My self directed growth, desire, passion for excellence and achievement was always part of my personality and my driving force to give back to community and set new positive role modelling.  

The name Diamond represents my first born, and Phoenix my second - Diamond Phoenix. They are my inspiration and motivators for this venture.