DPC Giving

Diamond Phoenix Creations is a Native owned and operated business & one of its objectives is to provide employment to the community members of Kitigan Zibi. It is their initiative and obligation to give all community members the opportunity to have access to long term employment, DPC’s employees also acquire skills that aid in doing their job effectively. In turn its employees can earn a living that provides the necessities of life.

DPC has expressed philanthropy within and beyond its community. Most notably they have donated blank t-shirts to the Minwaashin Lodge located in the city of Ottawa for their Truth & Reconciliation event. And within their community they have also provided blank t-shirts to the Kitigan Zibi Education Sector for an activity with their students.

DPC had also engaged with the Residential School survivors of Kitigan Zibi, to collaborate and contribute two mural sized signs to honor and commemorate those who were victims of the Residential School System. Incorporating the Anishinaabemowin language is also fundamentally critical to the survival of our language, and the knowledge of the survivors was quite vital to the signs that they created.