Carleton University Orange T-Shirt Campaign

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Campaign closes September 1st/2022

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*All proceeds will go directly towards the Indigenous Student Emergency Fund at Carleton University. The fund provides financial support to Indigenous students at Carleton who require immediate funding for essential expenses. 

The logo, designed by Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg artist and DPC graphic designer Patrick Tenascon, is meant to convey the ideas the ideas that were suggested by the client: that it relate to the residential schools issue and that it convey the qualities of bravery, truth and strength.

Bravery and truth, two of the seven grandfather teachings, are represented by the bear
and the turtle respectively. In this design the turtle carries upon its back a child’s
handprint which has become a universal symbol for the residential schools issue in
Canada. Within the handprint is a bear’s paw symbolizing a residential school
survivor’s bravery. Encircling these elements is a hair braid, long considered by
Indigenous peoples to be a symbol of strength and identity. Protruding from the
braid and representing children all over the world are lines that convey the four
directions: north, east and west with the two ends of the braid pointing to the south.
The color teal was used not only for its complimentary qualities to the color orange but also for its significance in the creation of many Indigenous crafts, art and jewelry.

Finally the whole logo is rendered in a traditional Indigenous 'Eastern Woodland'-inspired art style with shapes and black outlines.